15 Fun Facts about Macaroni and Cheese

1. Macaroni and cheese is the number one cheese recipe in the United States.

2. In any given twelve-week period, approximately one-third of the population of the United States will eat macaroni and cheese at least once. About half of all children in the United States will eat macaroni and cheese during this time period.

3. Macaroni and cheese has remained on the list America’s top ten comfort foods for decades.

4. The most popular cheese used in macaroni and cheese recipes is Cheddar cheese.

5. In 1993, Crayola named one of their crayon colors “macaroni and cheese.”

6. Kraft introduced its famous boxed version of macaroni and cheese in 1937. During the first year, nine million boxes were sold.

7.  This is a very interesting statistic. Today, Kraft sells more than one million boxes of its macaroni and cheese every day.

8. The average canned macaroni and cheese is a source of sixteen percent of the daily recommended protein for an adult. It is also a good source of copper, manganese and selenium.

9. Macaroni and cheese is consistently on the list of top ten favorite food choices for children.

10. Although the definitive origin of macaroni and cheese is not known, the first known written recipe for this dish is from thirteenth century southern Italy. This recipe calls for lasagna sheets and fermented cheese.

11. The recommended wine to serve with macaroni and cheese is Burgundy wine.

12. The first box recipe appeared in 1802 and was for macaroni and cheese. The recipe was actually printed on the sheet of paper found in the box surrounding the pasta.

13. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese experienced a ten percent growth in sales in 2007. The Easy Mac macaroni and cheese cups grew fifty percent in sales this same year.

14. Two restaurants in New York City, S’MAC and Supermac, serve only macaroni and cheese. Both restaurants offer classic macaroni and cheese as well as gourmet varieties of the dish.

15. Macaroni and Cheese, by Marlena Spieler, and More Please, Macaroni and Cheese, byDeanna Keahey and Steve Kilner, are two cookbooks consisting entirely of macaroni and cheese recipes.

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